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Yankees GM Cashman: Focus is on pitching, pitching, pitching -- not Pujols

There has been a lot of speculation about whether the one-time chance to sign Albert Pujols would be too enticing for the Yankees to pass up, regardless of the fact that the club already has a first baseman under long-term contract.

But New York GM Brian Cashman, armed with a newly-signed, three-year contract, tried to put that speculation to rest Tuesday.

Cashmen, when asked about his off-season plans, said he doesn't plan to pursue the St. Louis free agent.

Offense is not a problem with this club," Cashman told the Newark Star Ledger. Pitching, pitching, pitching. That will be the main thrust."

New York has Mark Teixeira under contract for the next four seasons at first base. But, because the Yankees are in the American League, they could always squeeze in another bat by putting Pujols or Teixeira in the lineup as designated hitter.

Regardless of Cashman's statements, I can't count out the Yankees -- or the Red Sox -- until Pujols signs his name on a contract with the Cardinals (or another team.)