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Francona to interview with Cardinals Friday

Word out of Boston is that former Red Sox manager Terry Francona has an appointment to interview with the Cardinals Friday about their open field manager's job.

Some have speculated that Francona, who led the BoSox to a pair of World Series titles during his stay in Beantown, might want to take some time off after dealing with Boston media meatgrinder for the better part of a decade. But Francona said in an interview after sitting in with Fox's Joe Buck during the playoffs while Tim Mc Carver recovered from surgery, that broadcasting wasn't for him and he was eager to get back on the bench of a major league ballclub.

Francona would probably find the relatively tame St. Louis media to be refreshing compared to the competitive east coast news gatherers. And there is a lot of sense in hiring an experienced manager to pilot a team that just won the World Series and that is expected to contend next year.

While there has been talk that Francona isn't a contender for the Cubs manager opening, new team president Theo Epstein said he hasn't been counted out. Epstein was Francona's GM in Boston, so he is thought of as a known commodity there and doesn't necessarily have to interview for the job.