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DeWitt: We're going to make every effort to sign Pujols

Cardinals principal owner Bill DeWitt has told Fox Sports that the club plans to "make every effort" to re-sign superstar slugger Albert Pujols.

But, contrary to reports that a deal was imminent, DeWitt said nothing is close and that, in fact "the process has just started."

It's good news to hear that the Redbirds are taking this effort seriously. There are a lot of people who think the club was only trying to make a show of trying to re-up basebally's best player while deep down inside they were content to watch him find his big payday elsewhere.

But, while it's good that the intent is at least there, we really don't know what the playing field looks like. I was hoping for a slam dunk to end this suspense. But it looks like the game is headed for overtime.