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Pujols presser apparently a figment of the imagination

The pronouncement of a local radio host two days ago that the Cardinals had scheduled a press conference for this date to announce that they had re-signed superstar Albert Pujols has turned out to be a bust.

Not only is it nearly 11 a.m. with no world of a Cardinals press conference, the club has apparently given its public relations crew the day off.

Insert sound of toilet flushing here.

A lot of people were pinning their hopes on this statement being true. I don't think it would be beyond the Redbirds to cancel a press conference just to make a media type look like a fool. But I don't think that's the case here. There's just too much to be gained by pulling back members of Cardinals Nation from the ledge.

Christmas shopping season is here and one can only imagine how many number five St. Louis jerseys will fly off the shelf if Redbirds fans were assured their purchase wasn't in vain. Certainly, 2011 World Series stuff is going to be a hot item. But right now the Pujols drama is the fly in the punchbowl at the Cardinals fans' post-season party. I couldn't think of a single reason Santa would find me pouting if I knew Albert was going to be in our collective stocking for the rest of his career.