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Marlins don't think Pujols' age is just a number

According to a story in the Miami Herald, the Marlins pursuit of Albert Pujols might be tempered by the club's suspicions that Pujols is older than he claims to be.

I never really got this claim.

Usually when Latin American players fudge about their birthdate, they're guys who are in their late teens or early twenties who are afraid their age might disqualify them to be prospects on the lowest rung of the baseball ladder. They're guys who were discovered from completely off the radar screen in the middle of nowhere living in third world countries where record keeping isn't exactly the greatest.

Pujols came to America as a very young man before it was even a serious consideration to think that he might have a future in baseball. And he was enrolled in the American school system as a teenager. So, I guess it is possible that Pujols signed up for high school as a 16 or 17 year old iwho claimed to be a 14 year old freshman. But is it likely? What would the benefit have been? Did he think he might get drafted as a sophomore or junior in high school?

The Marlins couldn't be too concerned about Pujols' age if they're really offering a seven or nine-year contract. But if the age guessing game plays into the Cardinals' favor, let me just say that some dude told me Albert is really 62 years old...