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World Series highlight gives Cards' World Series win perspective

Of course I rushed out and snagged a copy of the World Series highlights video as soon as it came out today.

So, I'd like to offer a couple of impressions... If you don't want any spoilers, you might want to wait until after you see it yourself to read any further.

Gone in this year's version is the schtickish "they forgot" theme that was all over the 2006 championship video. And beyond that, it's in many ways exactly what you'd expect: highlights of games that we've already examined with a microscope again and again.

But what really stands out is the behind the scenes video and the commentary that we haven't seen before. I imagine there are some uncomfortable Rangers today because of the chapter that deals with game six of the World Series.

Rangers players were in the outfield shagging fly balls before the game gleefully telling each other "this ends tonight." That may be expected from a team up 3-2 in the World Series. But then the Rangers players took it a bit too far. Nelson Cruz, shagging balls in right field, starts to hassle St. Louis police officers guarding the wagon gate. He starts telling them that it's over for the Cardinals and that the Rangers are winning it all tonight... And then he chases a long hit to right -- and it awkwardly falls just beyond his glove in a sight that is chillingly prophetic of what is about to come.

After the Cardinals rallied to win game six -- thanks to two well-covered rally's and David Freese's winning homer -- the pumped Cardinals head for the club house with Yadier Molina shouting "Let's play nine more innings -- RIGHT NOW!"

For me, it's great to see it all unfold again because it seemed to go by so fast it was hard to enjoy it while it was happening. I'd say this ought to do the job of getting me through the winter.