Cheap Seats

Time to get a Pujols deal done -- or not.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. And my patience, if I was a decision maker in the Cardinals front office, wouldn't be far behind.

Obviously, none of us on the outside really know where the negotiations with Albert Pujols stand. But the time has come to get this deal done -- or to move on.

Pujols has had a month since the Cardinals clinched their 11th World Series win to field free market bids for his services. He ought to have a pretty good picture of the interest level, his pricetag and the options of where he can play out the second half of his career. So, let's get this moving.

Hopefully there is some truth to the rumor that the Redbirds have struck a deal with their superstar slugger that will be completed or announced when he returns from his Hawaiian vacation. If not, the Birds need to put their best and last offer on the table and be prepared to move on one way or the other. While most experts seem to still believe that Pujols isn't going anywhere, the likelihood of him re-signing in St. Louis can only go down as this drags on. And the chances that a team like the Cubs or the Rangers could throw out a crazy bid only increase.

I want Pujols to come back. I think it is in the best interests of both sides to have him in a St. Louis uniform for the rest of his career. But the Cardinals need to move on with Plan B if he isn't coming back. And pretty soon the hot stove is going to start jumping.

If this situation drags on, it's pretty likely that the other guys the Cardinals might have some interest in will be long gone by Christmas time.