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Cubs join Pujols fray

The Cubs have jumped into the Albert Pujols fray, according to Fox Sports.

While they still like both the Cardinals free agent slugger and Milwaukee free agent Prince Fielder, the report claims the Wee Bears are more willing to pay Pujols in a long term contract because they like his defense better.

Chicago is in the midst of a rebuilding program -- which could possibly put off Pujols who said he wants to have a chance to compete to be in the World Series every year -- so it seems a bit contradictory to shell out big money for a free agent when they're a couple of years from putting the surrounding pieces in place. But the report said the Cubs expect a dearth of free agent sluggers on the free agent market for the next several years. And, let's face it, Chicago fans have been known to come out to the ballpark to watch superstarts slug for the fences even when their club is way out of contention.

Who could have doubted that the Cubs would come off the sidelines if the Pujols market lingered?

No word on how much Chicago might offer Pujols.