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Is Rasmus headed back to Missouri?

Have the Blue Jays already soured on former Cardinals outfielder/malcontent Colby Rasmus?

It seems like that might be the case as rumors from western Missouri indicate that the Royals might be talking with Toronto in effort to bring Rasmus to Kansas City to play centerfield.

Rasmus reportedly was having a hard time getting along with Jays coaches after being swapped north of the border for a package of pitchers that put the Redbirds in position to win the 2011 World Series. Word was (gasp!) that he refused to listen to the advice of his coaches and insisted on trying to pull every pitch he saw.

The enigmatic slugger hit .246 for the Cardinals with 11 homers and 40 RBIs before the swap. Afterwards he hit .176 with three homers and 13 ribbies in 133 Toronto at bats.

The national media howled at the time that the Redbirds were fleeced. But I was glad to see Rasmus and his sour attitude head elsewhere. It's hard to argue the deal is a complete bust for the Cardinals when they came through with a 2011 World Series ring. But the trade will be a clear win for St. Louis if Toronto gives up on Rasmus after a third of a season to prove he's not as valuable as everyone seemed to think he was.

Potential is a funny thing because games aren't played on paper. The ultimate goal is to win championships and the Cardinals accomplished that by using Rasmus' value to land parts they needed to get the job done. Rasmus may go on to be a great player. But the Birds had no chance to win the 2011 World Series if they didn't trade him.