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Rumor Mill: Edwin Jackson

The Twins seem to have some interest in Cardinals free agent starter Edwin Jackson -- although they seem reluctant to sign him to the three or four-year contract the starter is seeking.

Jackson did a lot to settle the St. Louis rotation after arriving in a deal near the trade deadline. But he disappeared into the woodwork in the post season. And that can't be good for a guy who is trying to market himself as a top flight starter.

The Redbirds certainly must be hoping that Jackson finds a deal to his liking so he doesn't accept their offer of arbitration. If the hurler can't find a deal and decides to take them up on their offer of a mediated one-year contract, it would make a mess of the Birds' budget as they try to fit Albert Pujols in the mix for the longterm.

It doesn't help Jackson's cause that veterans Mark Buehrle and Roy Oswalt had their options declined by their previous clubs. But have a better track record -- and since they're older players, their demands are likely to be less in terms of years.