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Reds talk to Riggleman

The Reds have reportedly talked to former Cardinals coach Jim Riggleman, thought by many at one point to be a candidate to replace Tony La Russa as St. Louis skipper, about a job somewhere within their organization.

It looks like Riggleman, who was in charge of the Redbirds' minor league system a few of years back while he supposedly waited for La Russa to retire, may have severly damaged his reputation after quitting as skipper of the Nationals in mid-season after the team refused to give him a contract extension.

The story goes that Riggleman felt that he was going to be phased out in favor of a higher profile manager at the end of the season, so he tried to force Washington's hand. But he would have been much better served to finish out the campaign, winning as many games as possible, and then looking elsewhere for a major league manager's job.

Not only did the Cardinals look past Riggleman when they had to look for a new field boss, it doesn't seem like he's getting a sniff from any of the other teams either. It's a shame. Riggleman has a great baseball mind and he's got the pedigree with ties to future Hall of Famer La Russa and current Hall of Famer Whitey Herzog. Instead, he's going to apparently go toil for a rival.