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Cardinals make offer to Dotel, but Brewers are lurking

The Cardinals have an offer on the table to bring reliever Octavio Dotel back into the fold for 2012, according to ESPN.

But, while Dotel has said his preference is to play with St. Louis, he appears to be holding out for something better than the reported one-year offer the Cardinals have made. One possible alternative is Milwaukee where the Brewers are said to have strong interest in Dotel.

He'd make a lot of sense for Milwaukee, especially if Prince Fielder signs elsewhere. Down the stretch and in the post season in 2011, Dotel absolutely owned Brew Crew slugger Ryan Braun. So if Milwaukee can subtract Dotel from the Cardinals, it would probably do them a great deal of good in head to head match-ups against their cheif competitor. And then there is the fact that Dotel is still a pretty good pitcher in general.

I'd like to see Dotel come back because he's a nice insurance policy at the back end of the bullpen. He would make an excellent set-up man in Plan A. But if Jason Motte falters, he could close in a pinch.