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Pujols decision expected today

St. Louis Cardinals brass has apparently met this morning with Albert Pujols, perhaps to make a last, best offer to their free agent superstar.

Most news outlets seem to believe that Pujols will make a decision about where he'll play the rest of his career some time today.

If he does select the Marlins over the Cardinals, St. Louis fans can count not only on Pujols never wearing the Birds on the Bat again. But it would be very unlikely that we'd ever see him wearing the familiar red blazers Cardinals Hall of Famers put on when they show up for opening day or post season games.

Miami's contract offer apparently includes a personal services clause that would tie Pujols to the Marlins even after his playing days are over. So on opening day 2025 he'll probably be throwing out the first pitch in Florida not Busch Stadium.

I find that part of this situation to be particularly insulting. Assuming that he plays out the whole deal, Pujols would have played the majority of his 21 years in St. Louis. And we all fully expect that the last four or five seasons of a 10-year deal aren't exactly going to be of the quality of Albert's first four or five... If he's tied to the Marlins, would Pujols go into the Hall of Fame wearing their ugly new cap? I'm sure that's what Miami is pushing for.

So it's all black and white, Albert. Either you will take you shot at being the best Cardinals player ever -- for about $220 million -- or else you will effectively purge yourself from St. Louis to try to become the Stan Musial of the Marlins.