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ESPN: Marlins offer for considerably more than Cardinals. But Pujols likely to stay in St. Louis

ESPN's Jim Bowden reports that the Cardinals' offer to Albert Pujols is for significantly less money than the proposal he has on the table from the Marlins.

But Bowden said he still thinks the Cardinals are the favorites to sign Pujols.

Here's what Bowden says on his latest post:

"The St. Louis Cardinals, facing the possibility of losing Pujols, increased their offer from last January. It is believed to match the 10-year length of the Marlins' offer but at substantially less money. The Pujols situations has a pretty good chance of getting resolved sometime Wednesday morning, with the Cardinals remaining the favorite for Pujols services.

Bowden went on to add that the Marlins' offer is so complicated that it had to be reviewed in the wee hours of the morning by MLB's legal folks.