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Pujols and the Cardinals are still wrangling. No deal imminent

ESPN reports that the Cardinals are currently negotiating with Albert Pujols and that no deal is imminent.

According to Buster Olney, it seems that the Marlins are increasingly under the belief that Pujols' people are simply using them to up the ante as much as possible to try to get the Cardinals to match the offer.

While the Marlins have refused to offer a no-trade clause in the deal, I have confirmed that the Cardinals don't have to. Despite the fact that he would be signing a new pact, Pujols is still covered by the major league rule that prevents teams from trading a player with 10 years of service and the last five with the same team without his consent.

Hopefully the reason for the extended Pujols dealings is ironing out the fine print of how some of the money will be deferred.