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ESPN: Marlins have "emotionally moved on" from Pujols

While the Marlins haven't pulled their 10-year offer from the table, the team is apparently growing pessimistic that it will be accepted by Albert Pujols.

According to ESPN's Buster Olney, the Marlins have "emotionally moved on" from Pujols, whatever THAT is supposed to mean. My best interpretation is that they have concluded that they're probably not going to get him and they're trying to mentally prepare for that eventuality. But it sounds a lot more like the demise of a high school boyfriend-girlfriend situation than major league baseball dealings.

Olney tweeted earlier that the Marlins concluded in the last day or so that Pujols was using them by extracting the highest possible offer which he planned to shop to the Cardinals. It's an ugly game, but that's how it's played.