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ESPN: Cardinals offer to Pujols much less than reported

The Cardinals' offer to Albert Pujols isn't the 10-year, $220-million deal that was originally reported, according to ESPN's Buster Olney.

He says the deal St. Louis currently has on the table is for nine years and slightly more than $200 million. That means that the Cardinals apparently upped their rejected offer from February by about 3.5 percent if "slightly" means $205 million.

The Angels currently have an offer of about $210 million over 10 years in front of Pujols. But here's some food for thought, Albert: According to's cost of living calculator, it's 59 percent more expensive to live in Anaheim, Calif. than in St. Louis. Housing in Anaheim is 244 percent more than in the STL. Tell your unsavory agent that he needs to score you at least a $325 million deal in So Cal to equal $205 million in St. Louis.