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LA Times asks if Albert is one of the biggest sellouts in sports history

One of the sacrifices Albert Pujols made when he accepted his mega contract from the Angels was trading the relatively low key St. Louis media for a major, competitive market.

We all saw how he bristled when the River City press asked questions about his performance or his contract. So it makes me wonder how Pujols feels about the L.A. Times website this morning.

Next to his photo in the sports section, there's a link to a Bleacher Report blog headlined "15 Biggest Sellouts in MLB History."

As I read it I couldn't help but visualize Axl Rose getting off the bus in a seedy part of Hollywood as the cascading guitar riff starts in the Guns N Roses video for Welcome to the Jungle.

The story goes:

Is it to soon to weigh the case of Albert Pujols? Probably. But he is rightfully on the list of the game's biggest sellouts and he'll likely stay here.

Pujols' 10-year, $254-million contract is the second-highest in baseball history. The Cardinals reportedly offered Pujols nine years and slightly south of $200 million. But Jeez, c'mon Albert!

Pujols' move places him financially and ethically in the realm of Alex Rodriguez, who seemed to be the complete antithesis of everything Pujols stood for.

It's truly a stunning if not baffling move by Pujols who had a good chance of going down as the greatest Cardinal ever if he re-signed in St. Louis. No more.

Did I mention this is in the LA paper, not sour grapes from St. Louis?

This story follows one the day after Pujols signed with Anaheim which noted that the 7.7 million hispanics in the Los Angeles area that the former St. Louis slugger is hoped to attract to the ballpark -- of which only 6,600 are Dominican like Albert -- would likely see him more as a greedy backstabber because of his big new contract than a role model and hero for other hispanic people.

And all of this before Pujols hit a single pop-up with a runner on base or started his campaign to increase the all-time single season double play record he set last year. Meanwhile his wife is on the St. Louis airwaves questioning how Cardinals fans turned on Pujols...

It seems like Albert and wife need to worry more about the criticism they face in their new home than the hurt feelings of those they left behind.