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Rockies sign Cuddyer

The Rockies have reached an agreement with Michael Cuddyer -- which likely takes out one of the suitors for former Mets slugger Carlos Beltran, potentially clearing the way for the Cardinals to add his bat to the spot in the lineup formerly occupied by Albert Pujols.

The bad news is that the deal is for three years and $31.5 million. The Cardinals are said to be hopeful of inking Beltran for two years at $20 million or less. With a much more impressive resume than Cuddyer, although he is older, Beltran isn't likely to be willing to sign for less.

And the Redbirds aren't completely out of the woods yet. The Red Sox and Blue Jays both have money to spend and are said to be interested in Beltran. The Red Sox seem to be interested in hiring him to replace JD Drew in right field while the Blue Jays have an opening in left field.