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LA Times columnist: Maybe Pujols deal is Brock for Broglio payback

Here's an angle that I haven't heard yet. LA Times columnist Chris Erskine suggested in a column this week that the loss of Albert Pujols to the Angels was payback for the Cardinals' fleecing of the Cubs for Lou Brock in 1964.

While he generally has nice things to say about St. Louis, I find it hard to compare raiding star players via free agency to be on a par with making a trade with the consent of the other team. I'm pretty sure the Cardinals didn't know they were getting a future Hall of Famer in Brock. And I believe at the time that most of the so-called "experts" were pretty sure that the Redbirds had been fleeced in giving up 20-game winner Ernie Broglio, not the other way around.

Here's what he had to say:

... for every bad scene in sports, I still find two good ones. For every hoodlum, there are two heroes. At least, that's the ratio that I pretend to see.

I can still warm my hands on that sixth game of the World Series, for example, and I still get a smile thinking about the Stanford-USC overtime.

I regret that Albert Pujols didn't finish his career in St. Louis, for it is probably America's best baseball town. But what if Babe Ruth had never gone to New York? what if the Falcons never traded Brett Favre? And I think those St. Louis fans forget a little too quickly about how they snatched Lou Brock from Chicago.

Too quickly? It's been 47 years! Who knew we were going to get a bill for that transaction nearly five decades later?