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Rumor Mill: Beltran has a $10 million per year offer

According to CBS reports, free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran has at least one offer on the table for $10 million a year.

It's unknown for how many years the offer runs, however, the trend seems to be that 30-something free agent flychasers are commanding three seasons. The report adds that there are at least four teams in on Beltran even though Colorado has dropped out.

Michael Cuddyer got a three-year, $31.5 million deal from the Rockies on Friday. A few days earlier, Josh Willingham got $21 million over three years from Minnesota. I am concerned that the Rockies were said to be interested in both Beltran and Cuddyer... And apparently three years and $31.5 million wasn't enough for Beltran.

What is on the Cardinals side is the factor that desirable alternatives are starting to dry up. While the Red Sox right field gig could be interesting -- if you don't mind the high pressure home crowd and the funky outfield configuration -- I can't imagine a guy in his mid thirties who has had knee problems is all that excited about the possibility of playing in Toronto on the hard artificial turf. Fake grass is getting hard to find in the majors (thank goodness.) But playing for the Blue Jays would allow Beltran to not only play up to 81 home games on it. He could potentially play nine more when Toronto played against division rival Tampa Bay.

The hardest sell for Beltran with the Cardinals might be the issue of playing time. He isn't going to want to sign to be a fourth outfielder. The Redbirds could offer the chance to compete for starting jobs in center and right field. But it's fairly obvious that the Cardianals would like to make Allen Craig a starting player sooner or later. And a three-year deal seems to throw a monkey wrench into those plans.