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Cheap Seats: TMZ takes on Albert Pujols over tax liens

Another day, another salacious story about Albert Pujols to come out of Los Angeles.

He's gone from being criticized on the pages of the Los Angeles Times to having pot shots taken at him on the celebrity gossip site which published a story yesterday that slaps Pujols for owing about $700 in back taxes.

According to the site there are two liens against Albert in St. Louis County court. One for $423.57 and another for $306.37. The posting cleverly notes that thanks to Albert's new $250 million contract that he ought to be able to easily afford to pay his bills because "seeing that he made enough money to pay them in the time it took you to read this post, he'll be fine."

Actually the contract is $254 million over 10 years. But Fox Sports reported yesterday that he could make a lot more than that. According to terms of the contract Pujols will make a $3 million bonus should he reach 3,000 hits (he's currently at 2,073). That's pretty much a given if he can stay reasonably healthy. And he'd make $7 million in bonuses should he hit a 763 home run to break the all-time longball record currently held by Barry Bonds. Pujols currently has 445 homers.

Of course, he'll have to try to accomplish those goals while being hassled by the distractions of being peppered with questions about gossip rag stories. When Albert signed with the Angels, the first thing that went through my head was that I wondered how he was going to react when National Enquirer started to try to get photos of his kids when they are being dropped off at school. It seems we will soon know.