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Cardinals likely a lesser bidder for Beltran

According to a CBS report, Carlos Beltran is trying to decide which is more important: Taking the most money or playing in a city where he has a chance to win.

That statement makes me believe that the Cardinals probably aren't a high bidder for the services of the aging slugger.

If you look at the resumes of the teams known to be involved, the Cardinals have the benefit of coming off a World Series win in 2011 plus they have a very solid core of players returning. Toronto, which is believed to have the most money to spend, probably has the least chance to win because it's stuck in the American League East with the Yankees and fellow Beltran bidders Boston and Tampa Bay.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Cardinals were thought to be buyers at two seasons at about $10 million each. But Beltran is said to have three-year deals on the table and his going rate has climbed to $12 million or more per season thanks to lucrative deals passed out to Josh Willingham, Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel. I'm guessing the Redbirds are sticking to their guns on two seasons while they might be willing to up Beltran's pay check to keep from guaranteeing him a guaranteed year at 37 years old.

While Beltran is sorting out his decision, another team has joined the fray. Cleveland is said to have entered the bidding. But the Indians are neither a club with a lot of money nor a team with a high expectation of post season glory.