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Rumor Mill: Bo Sox bow out of Beltran Bidding

Reports out of Boston indicate that the Red Sox have informed Carlos Beltran's agent Dan Lozano that the team is out of the bidding for the slugger.

That leaves the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Rays and Indians as known suitors for Beltran. According to earlier reports, St. Louis and Toronto are considered to be the favorites. The Blue Jays seem to have the largest offer on the table but the Cardinals are enticing because of their ability to compete for a post season spot.

Beltran, who has been a centerfielder for most of his career but played last season in right field will be 35 next season and could benefit in Toronto from playing occasionally as designated hitter -- something he said he is willing to do. But I imagine it would be more difficult to play the outfield in Toronto because of the artificial turf on the clubs home field. Not only is the fake grass hard on knees, it plays faster than real grass so an older outfielder may have more trouble covering the ground he is expected to patrol.