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Carlos Beltran signs with Cardinals

Well as I live and breathe... A Dan Lozano client signed with the Cardinals for less money and a shorter term than another team was offering.

Carlos Beltran inked a two year deal tonight with the Redbirds. Terms have not yet been released. But Beltran was known to have one or more deals on the table for at least three years, most likely from Toronto.

I guess this means that it's official that the Cardinals are out of the Prince Fielder derby, not that they ever admitted to being in it. Beltran isn't Albert Pujols. But he's a productive guy who will form an imposing trio with Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman.

I don't imagine the Redbirds will have a guy anymore who opposing pitchers and managers figure is a no-brainer to pitch around. Now they have three guys who all can hurt you with a double or a homer every time they're at the plate.