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Bill James doesn't think much of Carlos Beltran's future

The Cardinals have landed Carlos Beltran. Now we'll see exactly what they'll get for the money.

The projections aren't all that encouraging.

According to Bill James, Beltran is expected to hit .282 next year with 14 homers and 51 RBIs. He's expected to have a .363 on base percentage with a .474 slugging percentage.

Those low numbers don't indicate that James believes Beltran can't swing a productive stick any longer. He apparently thinks Beltran's days of being an every day player are over. James suspects Beltran will play in only 107 games next season with 397 at bats.

Now that amount of play might not be bad if Allen Craig is a healthy part of the outfield picture. But, at $13 million a year, the Cardinals are paying a very steep price for a part-time player.