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Beltran most searched for player

It will be determined on the field of play if the Cardinals' signing of Carlos Beltran is a wise one.

But before he's even walked to the plate wearing the Birds on the Bat, Beltran's signing has been a huge success in at least one way: It's created a ton of positive buzz for the Cardinals. In fact, Beltran is the most searched for player on as fans try to find out just what the slugging outfielder has left in the tank.

While the Redbirds spent a heckuva lot of money for an aging player who has trouble with his knees, it seems to have created a great deal of good will for the club to do SOMETHING to try to compensate for the loss of Albert Pujols.

The thing that troubles me, however, is the fact that the Cardinals seemed to have built a large part of their recent success on the fact that they got Pujols for a bargain basement rate. The Birds are unlikely to ever get such a discout on a top drawer player again. Beltran, who might be half of the player Albert is on the field at this point in his career, cost 80 percent of what Pujols cost the Redbirds per season in his prime.

Unless their budget changes radically in the next couple of seasons, it seems that the only way the Cardinals are going to find another superstar player is to draft and develop him on their own. And the club hasn't shown much ability in recent years to draft consistent and productive major leaguers.