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Beltran shopped Cardinals offer to Yankees

Maybe Carlos Beltran isn't so excited about being a Cardinal after all.

According to a CBS report, the newest St. Louis offer didn't call his mom or his wife to say how excited he was to receive a two-year, $26-million contract offer to play with the defending World Series champions. He called the Yankees and told them he would rather wear pinstripes than the Birds on the Bat -- and he would do just that if New York matched the Cardinals proposal.

I wonder now if the three-year offers Beltran was said to have received were a mirage. When it was said that he was weighing larger offers against playing in a city he preferred, it seems that it was the Cardinals who made the largest offer and New York is where he'd rahhhhther stay.

It's a bit surprising to me because Beltran, who suffered through injuries in the latter part of his recently completed seven-year Mets contract, was pretty harshly criticized by the Big Apple media. One might think he'd prefer a change of scenery. And what better place to go than a competitive mid-market team with a ton of pitching?