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Former Cardinals infielder Theriot draws interest

Reports today indicate that the Braves are one of several teams interested in Cardinals infielder Ryan Theriot.

While I would like to see the Redbirds shoot a little bit higher at second, if they're not willing to make a significant investment in the position, why not consider Theriot for the job? The guy is a lousy shortstop. But he's better than Skip Schumaker at second with the glove. And, if nothing else, the guy knows how to work an at-bat.

He could be a valuable platoon player at second, he could be an option in the leadoff spot and he's not a bad pinch hitter when you need to get a guy on base. And he can't cost too much considering that the Cardinals non-tendered him and he still hasn't found a spot at the end of December.

While his days as a starter may be over, I could think of worse guys for the 24th or 25th spot on a roster.