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Halos backloaded Pujols' deal

If Albert Pujols thought he was underpaid for the last few years, he's going to have to make do with even less in 2012.

According to an ESPN report, Pujols agreed to have his new 10-year. $254-million contract backloaded so the Halos could afford to sign C.J. Wilson. So he'll take a pay cut from the $16 million per year he got from the Cardinals and will draw $12 million in the upcoming season.

Don't weep for Pujols for too long, however, because he'll get back to the $16 million mark in 2013 and his paychecks will keep going up from there. Of course, by taking less money now, Pujols will make significantly more than the deal's $25.4 million average in the later years of the contract. He'll "earn" more than $30 million a year in his forties.

I hope that works out for them.

It's interesting that the Angels, armed with their new $3-billion local television contract, felt the need to backload Pujols' deal. I guess Anaheim can't print enough money to cover the bad deals it has handed out or assumed in the past. But Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter will be long forgotten by the time Pujols settles into the role of an over-paid, over the hill designated hitter.