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Brett Hull's return could help soothe wounds caused by Pujols

I hope the rumors are true that former Blues superstar will join a group trying to but the team now that the Matthew Hulsizer deal has apparently fallen through.

While I most want the Blues to have a financially stable ownership group that can make the team competitive on a consistent basis, it would be a great bonus to see the club's most storied player back in the fold.

I know this is a baseball blog. So some might wonder where I am going with this. Well... I'm sure a healthy majority of Cardinals rooters follow St. Louis' other teams. And between Whitey Ball and the Tony La Russa era success of the late nineties and 2000s, Brett Hull was the biggest sports show in town. 

Although Hull left the Blues against his will when the team made no effort to re-sign him when he became a free agent, in many ways Hull's departure was the closest thing in recent St. Louis sports memory to Albert Pujols' departure to Anaheim.

It was murder watching Hull win Stanley Cups with Dallas and Detroit when he belonged to us. I anticipate it's going to feel much the same way when Pujols collects his 500th homer, 3,000th hit and any World Championships he won with the Angels.

While things will never be set right with Pujols again because of the personal services contract that will keep him out of the Cardinals family until at least 2032, this is a chance to heal old wounds and bring a St. Louis icon back into the fold.

We're not going to get Albert back. But, for the sake of river city sports, let's not miss the chance to get Hullie back.