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Somehow Miguel Batista has found a job

The Cardinals signed Miguel Batista about this time a year ago hoping to add a veteran swingman to the pitching mix.

What they got was a seemingly disinterested over the hill hurler who was cashiered after 26 appearances to the tune of a 4.60 ERA. While he wasn't the cause of all the Redbirds' problems, it is more than coincidence that dumping Batista in a desperate move to replace him with minor league hurler Lance Lynn happened at about the same time the Cardinals started to turn things around.

After Batista was let go by St. Louis, he signed with the Mets and logged 30 innings with a 2.64 ERA. I don't know if it was pitching out of the pressure of a pennant race which helped to turn him around. But the Mets apparently liked what they saw enough to give Batista a contract for 2012.