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Edwin Jackson is expected to strike out in quest for mega deal

There seems to be at least a little bit of sanity in the Major League Baseball marketplace this off-season.

According to Fox Sports, it appears that former Cardinals starter Edwin Jackson may be forced to accept a one-year contract as opposed to the five-year, $60-million payday his agent has been shopping.

I've said it before: I don't have a lot of problems with the elite players in the game making huge paydays in same way I understand that Hollywood mega stars command tens of million dollars for a single movie performance.

The problem is that Jackson is the epitome of an average major league pitcher. In nine seasons he's got a 60-60 record with a 4.46 career ERA. It doesn't get much more mediocre than that. Simply put, he doesn't deserve to be paid amongst the elite.

In movies, bit players don't get paid $15 million dollars to stand in the back ground and gasp while the action hero carries the freight. All it does is drive up the cost for fans to give these guys contracts like owners are passing out candy. And I am very grateful that the Yankees or the Red Sox didn't knuckle under to Jackson's outrageous demands. Give him a one-year deal and make him earn a contract for 2013.