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Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt get offers from Boston

According to ESPN the Red Sox have made a contract offer to former Cardinals starter Edwin Jackson.

The same report says that the BoSox have a deal on the table for former Astros and Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt who has expressed interest in pitching for St. Louis.

ESPN reports that Boston is more interested in Jackson than Oswalt. But neither length nor dollars have been disclosed for either offer.

Former Cardinals slugger Chris Duncan, speaking of the deal on ESPN's St. Louis radio affiliate, said he thinks Oswalt is a bad risk. According to Duncan, Oswalt's back problems that limited his availability last season are serious. Duncan said Oswalt had to get nerve blocks before starts to allow him to take the mound. Duncan said the problems have caused the former ace to lose velocity over the last couple of years and he said he doubts Oswalt can remain an effective pitcher despite his bulldog mentality.