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Roy Oswalt: Cardinals Nation Held Hostage

Despite reports last week that the Cardinals were on the verge of adding former Astros ace Roy Oswalt to their rotation, there is absolutely no movement toward getting a deal done.

Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal said, while the Redbirds have made Oswalt an offer to join his former National League Central rival, the proposal isn't even close to satisfying the pitcher's financial demands of at least $10 million for one season.

It's an interesting situation because the consensus amongst front office types and the national media is that Oswalt only wants to pitch for the Cardinals or the Rangers in 2012. Neither team has an obvious opening in its starting rotation and neither has been forthcoming with the sort of cash Oswalt has requested.

So, we play the waiting game...

Rosenthal reports that the Rangers have promised Neftali Perez and Matt Harrison that they won't be bumped from the rotation to make space for Oswalt. So Texas isn't likely to back up the Brinks truck to add a sixth starter.

The Redbirds may be in the position of power here because they have the more obvious spot for Oswalt. Hiring him to replace Jake Westbrook would be an obvious upgrade. If Westbrook was moved to the bullpen he might be motivated to drop his no-trade protection and accept a swap to a place where he could start. Otherwise, he'd be a pretty highly paid reliever. But if the Birds could get Oswalt at a bargain basement price, it would sort of balance out.

The Cardinals also have the advantage in that Oswalt is said to greatly prefer pitching in the National League. 

So it seems that St. Louis GM John Mozeliak is content to wait it out and gamble that Oswalt won't reconsider potentially more lucrative offers from the Red Sox or Tigers.