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Pujols 5 is no more

Pujols 5 is no more.

The restaurant named after the former Cardinals superstar is being re-invented as the St. Louis Hall of Fame Grill, according to its operators.

Gone are the jerseys, bats and photos of Albert Pujols. They're being replaced with items representing legendary St. Louis athletes who played for the Cardinals, Blues and Rams. And, in case you're wondering, the statue of Pujols dedicated outside of the restaurant three months ago will become one of the shortest-lived permanent monuments in history.

It belongs to Pujols and his charitable foundation. So it is expected to be moved from its original Westport Plaza site to a new location. No word on if the Birds on Bat script on the front of his uniform will be removed with a belt sander to make Albert's divorce from the Redbirds complete.