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Former Cardinals RHP Edwin Jackson signs with Nationals

The Nationals have signed former Cardinals starter Edwin Jackson to a one-year contract, which is good news for St. Louis fans for a couple of reasons.

First, the Redbirds land a fifth first-round draft pick as compensation thanks to the deal. But, perhaps more importantly, he is off the market and the Cardinals can't bring him back for 2012.

I am grateful for anything Jackson did to help St. Louis land its 11th World Series title. But he was WAY too expensive in relation to what he offers on the field. Jackson got about $10 million from the Nationals, according to reports. And that was because he didn't like any of the multi-year deals he was offered. That's a lot of bucks for a guy who is a career .500 pitcher with an ERA near 4.50 and an average of about 1.5 baserunners allowed per inning.

Thanks for your service, Mr. Jackson. But I would rather have a first round draft pick...