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Dallas media: Oswalt doesn't seem like a fit for Rangers

The latest on the Roy Oswalt situation, according to the Dallas Morning News:

The Rangers are interested in the former Astros ace mostly as an insurance policy. They'd like him to agree to pitch out of the bullpen and be ready to jump into the starting rotation should a pitcher go down to injury.

Oswalt's agent said last week that the pitcher is not at all interested in a bullpen role. So that makes the Cardinals and Red Sox much more likely destinations. The Red Sox have the more obvious need for a starting pitcher. But Oswalt has reportedly expressed interest in remaining in the National League, which favors St. Louis.

According to the Morning News, both the Cardinals and the Red Sox have offered Oswalt one-year deals for about $5 million. He's said to be holding out for $10 million. But, with the clock ticking at a little bit more than two weeks until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, it looks like he might be forced to compromise.