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Phillies phibbing about interest in Oswalt

Don't believe Phillies front office types when they say they aren't interested in bringing Roy Oswalt back for the 2012 season.

According to reporters in major league cities across the map, Philadelphia's GM has been making calls to his peers in effort to find someone to take Joe Blanton's $8.5-million paycheck off the books. If he can get that done, them then Phillies would re-sign Oswalt.

Unfortunately for Philadelphia, there don't seem to be any takers for Blanton. So it looks like they join the Cardinals, Rangers and Red Sox in the We Like Roy, But We Really Don't Have the Kind of Money He is Looking for Club.

According to other reports, the Pirates are the sole member of the We'll Pay Roy What He's Asking if He Would Just Return Our Phone Calls Club.

Something is going to have to break loose sooner or later. It's a week and a half before pitchers and catchers report to spring training.