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ESPN: Cardinals confident they'll land Oswalt

Tired of Roy Oswalt talk yet?

I know I am. But what else is going on in the middle of February as pitchers and catchers pack their Benzes and Beemers for the trip to spring training?


The latest comes from ESPN's Buster Olney who says that the Cardinals are still confident of their chances to land the former Astros ace -- on their terms. Basically, if Oswalt wants to fulfill his two-year-long dream of wearing the Birds on the Bat across his chest, he's going to have to do so for about $5 million in 2012.

Maybe it would break the ice if the Cardinals offered Oswalt a contract that would pay him a $5 million base this year with some reasonable incentives -- like maybe another $2.5 million if he starts 30 games or pitches more than 180 innings -- and then give him a vesting option for 2013 under similar terms.

If he triggers the option, the Cardinals could afford it because they'll be out from under the contracts of Kyle Lohse and Jake Westbrook after this season.