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MLB just says no to Astros throwbacks

The Astros plan to celebrate their 50th anniversary next season -- and it's pretty obvious, if any team could use a team to celebrate these days, it's the Astros -- but major league baseball is playing the role of party pooper.

It seems the Cardinals' NL Central rival -- for one more season, anyway -- wants to wear throwbacks representing different eras of the team's history throughout the season. This includes the time from 1962-64 when Houston's club was known as the Colt .45s and its logo featured a pistol in profile with billowing smoke from the barrel forming the C in its name.

Major League Baseball has told the Astros they can use the Colt .45's name. But they have to leave the pistol off the front of their throwback jerseys when they wear them in a pair of games in April.

It may not be in the best taste to put a smoking gun on the front of a professional sports team's uniform. And there's no way this would be approved by MLB's marketing powers today. But does it really serve any good to try to edit history? This is what the team wore. Pictures of it are available all over the internet. And, frankly, the logo looks ridiculous with a puff of smoke wafting from no place in particular.

This isn't the first time a team the Cardinals played has seen its throw back uniforms edited for content. Last season the Birds played the Rays in interleague play. St. Louis donned 1952 throwbacks while their hosts wore the uniform of the minor league Tampa Stogies. The original uniform included a smoking cigar underlining the team name. The cigar was missing from the turn back the clock day duds.

Now if you want to talk about offensive Houston uniforms, how about banning the team from wearing those rainbow jobs from the 1970s for the good of humanity.