Cheap Seats

Finally, Roy Oswalt is expected to make up his mind

Former Astros ace Roy Oswalt is expected to announce today where he will play in 2012 -- or if he will play at all.

This mighty nation has been on edge for weeks as Oswalt made the rounds to shop his services to the Cardinals, Rangers and Phillies while sidestepping offers from the Red Sox, Pirates and others.

The Redbirds are believed to have an offer on the table for $5 million -- about half of what Oswalt's folks have been asking for a one-year deal. So it remains to be seen if he is willing to pitch for the team he has claimed he always has wanted to play on -- or if he will take bigger bucks to report to a less appealing locale.

The Cardinals, Phillies and Red Sox are the most likely destinations for Oswalt. The Royals, Astros, Rangers and Pirates are dark horse possibilities. Of course, as the price sinks lower, more teams are likely to be in play and the Reds, Indians, Yankees or another mystery team could jump into the fray.