Cheap Seats

Oswalt says to heck with baseball, I like the waiting game better

It looks like Roy Oswalt is going to make us all wait a little longer after all. 

The former Phillies righty announced Thursday that he plans to wait a while before signing a contract, potentially waiting for something to open up mid-season.

I guess it's a good idea for a guy who wants to pick his spots. But if the Cardinals' offer of $5 million wasn't good enough in February, is it really going to be that appealing in June? And what if teams try to pro-rate the amount? There's a big difference between paying a guy for 30 starts and paying him for 15.

I would have to imagine that clubs will see Oswalt as a more iffy proposition when he hasn't been through spring training to show that he's in shape and that he still has the goods. If he's lucky, some team will have an injury in spring training and will dial him up to fill the hole.