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Fox Sports: Cardinals, Yadier Molina making progress toward extension

Fox Sports reports that the Cardinals and catcher Yadier Molina are making progress toward reaching a multi-year contract extension.

Talks are centered on a four our five-year deal that would average between $10-$12 million. Based on the Cardinals' recent history, I am guessing that the longer the contract, the less the average annual value.

Yadi's agent, Melvin Roman, seems relatively optimistic:

"We're making progress and, hopefully we'll be able to work something out," Roman told Fox Sports.

Molina would become the seventh catcher in major league history to earn as much as $10 million a year if the deal is reached under the terms that are expected. He would join Joe Mauer, Mike Piazza, Jorge Posada, Jason Kendall, Pudge Rodriguez and Jason Varitek in the eight figure catchers club.