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Carpenter will miss a start thanks to injury

Despite his claims a few days ago that he was none the worse for wear after throwing 270 innings worth of pitches in 2011, Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter has been shelved with an injury.

According to the team, Carpenter has had a pretty serious stiff neck that has lingered on for about a week. That's not a case of sleeping on a funky pillow. For a neck problem to linger on that long it's pretty worrisome.

People were concerned over the winter tha Roy Oswalt was toast because of a lower back problem. A neck issue is essentiqally an upper back problem and is just as threatening to a pitchers' mechanics.

The Cardinals say Carpenter not only will miss at least one more start -- they already pushed him back one start because of concern about the overuse of his arm last season -- but that they don't know when he will be able to resume pitching activity.