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Angels reportedly trying to sign Oswalt

Do you hold a grudge against the Angels for signing Albert Pujols?

If so, you might not want to read on.

ESPN reports that the Halos have been talking with former Astros ace Roy Oswalt about a contract. And the Angels are now believed to be the favorites to land the lifetime National Leaguer.

The Cardinals have played things cool with Oswalt, who has been believed to be interested in signing with either St. Louis or the Rangers, even after their ace Chris Carpenter was rendered unable to make a spring training start thanks to a nerve problem in his neck and shoulder.

So, like they did with Pujols, the Angels seem to have jumped into the marketplace with their massive local television money to try to make a signing of opportunity.

I'm not sure if the Cardinals are even interested in Oswalt at this point. But it sure seems to me like he's only interested in playing if he can land a huge payday. And if that's what fuels him, I think the Redbirds are better off relying on one of their young power arms than spending money on their former rival.