Cheap Seats

Sanchez, Cora shaved from St. Louis roster

Eduardo Sanchez learned Sunday that just because you put up good numbers during spring training, you can still be a victim of the numbers game.

He didn't allow a run during Grapefruit League Play. But he was still sent to minor league camp because the Cardinals simply had too many qualified righthanded relievers for five available spots on the roster.

I figured the Cardinals would want a little bit of extra depth on the infield and that they might like Alex Cora's versatile glove enough to overlook his weak bat. But that wasn't the case. Cora was also amongst the Saturday casualties as it looks like Erik Komatsu has a pretty good shot at locking up a roster spot.

I still wonder if the Redbirds might have a trade up their sleeve to improve their infield depth by thinning the right handed reliever heard a bit.

Meanwhile, Sanchez will report to Memphis where he will try to fine tune his control. And Cora has probably reached the end of the line. He was offered a coaching position by the Nationals over the winter but he decided that he wanted to play one more season. It's pretty unlikely that he'll take a Class AAA job if it doesn't seem likely he'll ever be summoned to the big club.