Cheap Seats

Ever wonder why Albert Pujols turned down Miami?

If you've been wondering like I have why Albert Pujols turned down $275 million from Miami to take $240 million from the Angels, this little clip of video might just hold the answer.

It's a shot of the "home run feature" in the Marlins' new ballpark. It includes a pair of jumping marlins and a third twirling fish at the top, a pair of flamingos that flap their wings to say bye-bye to the baseball and when all the mechanical mayhem finally comes to an end, the whole thing lights up with a rainbow.

I'm glad to see Miami kept it classy. Not. Could you imagine Pujols having to bear the responsibility of setting that monstrosity off 25 times a year?

Seeing this contraption made me nostalgic for the pre-1983 right field scoreboard at Busch Stadium with it's neon Cardinals that flew a celebratory lap on the rare occasion in that era that a St. Louis player hit a round tripper.

Sorry, my blog platform won't allow me to post a link. Or a photo for that matter. So you'll have to cut and paste this into your browser:

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