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News of Dodgers sale benefits all of baseball

It wouldn't be Major League Baseball if a jerk billionaire wasn't rewarded for total mismanagement and general malfeasance. 

So it should come as no surprise that the ownership group that bought the Dodgers for half a billion dollars and then drove it into bankruptcy while using the club as their personal cash cow announced this morning that it has reached an agreement that the club will be sold for four times what it cost them.

The only good news is that former NBA superstar and Los Angeles legend Magic Johnson is a major part of the ownership group.

Despite the ugliness that resulted in his involvement of the club, baseball fans across the country can only hope that Johnson will help the Dodgers again to be seen in a positive light. While the Redbirds have their fair share of fans, that franchise is an international brand that in many ways is the face that the world sees when it thinks of the American Game.

I'm always for things that cause us less to talk about the business of baseball and its dark underside and instead focus on the beauty of the game on the field. So, while I offer former owner Frank McCourt one last harumpf for the black eye he's given all of baseball, here's to hoping that we can finally turn the page on his ugly chapter and get back to the fun and games.