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Mozeliak: Carpenter will be back in May

Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak told KFNS 590 that he thinks Chris Carpenter will be back in the St. Louis rotation in May.

In fact, Mozeliak said if he had to, Carpenter could pitch right now.

"Honestly, I think that if he had to pitch today, he could pitch," Mozeliak said on KFNS. "But he's just not 100 percent comfortable. And, rather than just trying to push him out there given the fact that he was close to 280 innings last year, just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense."

"This is really more precautionary," Mozeliak continued. "If I really felt like he wasn't going to pitch this year, then maybe we would look outside for helo. But I'm really optimistic that sometime in May he'll be ready to go for us."

Mozeliak said Carpenter has made a lot of progress in strengthening is shoulder in the last couple of weeks and all signs indicate that the treatment program prescribed to the Cardinals ace is working. It must be, Mozeliak isn't usually the sort to make predictions about players return from injuries. So, hopefully, the fact that his is willing to put in optimistic time table on this means he's pretty certain he's correct.